If we can’t get it, it doesn’t exist.BlueFishWorx prides itself on total customer satisfaction. We will do whatever it takes to get exactly what you need, when you need it, regardless of speed limits.


We’re different, and like it that way.Our global team of professionals are ready to help at a moments notice. You need a part? We have the part. It’s mutually beneficial.


On time … every time.Even if it means driving to the airport at 6:45 pm, we are dedicated to getting your package to you the next day.



The name “Bluefish” started out as a way to differentiate us from everyone else in the Tech business. It was something to let our customers know that our service is different, our abilities are different and we as a team are different. No matter what, we provide 100% customer satisfaction … every time.
Customers come to Bluefish for our service. We offer a quality product packaged to their specific requirements and deliver it to our customers when and where they need it every time.
Our daily pickup occurs at 6:30PM CDT to accommodate urgent orders. If a customer has a critical situation that arises, we have the ability to courier the item to the airport as late as 8:30PM for FedEx overnight delivery.
Bluefish Worx believes quality is an essential ingredient to build long lasting relationships. All parts are tested on premises in an ESD approved environment to ensure the highest standards.
Yes, Bluefish Worx processes blind shipped orders daily and we remain completely invisible to the receiving party.


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There are no bad questions, only bad parts.